Our Hope '21 Virtual Trax Project

A free 4 cycle annual program available to all youth under the age of 17 across New York State. During each cycle,  professional industry mentors engage in weekly check-ins youths once a week for 10 weeks, guiding and collaborating with them to bring their vision to life through the creative arts, music, spoken word and video.

3D Cassette
Hand Drawing
Abstract Man

In this time of isolation, uncertainty, transition and fear, we need Hope now more than ever!

What does hope mean to you? What do you hope for?  And how can people get involved in giving, and receiving, hope?

What is involved?

Members who sign up include their areas of interest and will be connected with a mentor who works professionally in that field. Once a week the youths will hold a virtual check-in with the mentors where they will discuss their ideas, vision, and unique voice around the theme of their interpretation of HOPE.  They then work on it throughout the week on their own time, then submit it the day before the next meeting for review. Mentors and youths will continue to build on their unique project towards it's inclusion of a final video that will feature youth from all over New York State!

Who is it for?

Everyone and everyone! Whether you are just starting on your journey of self expression or are already expressing yourself through art, writing or music, there is a place for you here!


Does it cost anything?

No, this is a free project to all youths 17 and under in New York State

When does it start?

The program starts Jan 5th and runs for 10 weeks. Members can attend a weekly check-in on Tuesdays or Wednesdays from 4-5pm. Peer support meetings will also be available on Mondays at 3pm.

I am interested, now what?

Contact the staff at The Oneonta Teen Center by calling 607.441.3999 or by emailing us at OurOTC@gmail.com. Be sure to leave your name, age, and any area of interest and we will contact you with the link or the event!