What IS The Alternatives To Violence Project?

AVP is a grassroots, worldwide movement dedicated to building peace in ourselves and in our homes, schools, institutions and communities. We seek to release everyone’s innate power to positively transform ourselves, and in so doing, transform the world.

What Does AVP Do?

Our workshops use the shared experience of both participants and facilitators to examine how injustice, prejudice, frustration and anger can lead to aggressive behavior and violence. We explore our innate power to respond in new and creative ways. Our workshops are tailored to address the end result of both physical and non-physical violence, trauma and adverse childhood experiences often manifesting in an unhealthy relationship with drugs and alcohol.

"AVP is about people from all different backgrounds coming together to be in community. When I see participants making themselves vulnerable by sharing and being open to change, I am inspired to manage my own conflict better. We are all transformed, and that transformation ripples outward throughout our communities.”

Contact us Here to inquire about setting up a workshop. Come to us or We'll come to you!